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Explanatory leaflet for an internship abroad


  • 1. Framework of the diploma

    The « BTS Systèmes Numériques  » is a technical and vocational training over two years, after the French baccalauréat (equivalent of the A-level), which enables students to get a Higher National Diploma in Digital Systems. It is a French Diploma taken two years after high school graduation, equalling level 3 in the French Framework and level 5 in the European Framework.

  • 2. Profile and school career of the students

    The students usually start this training when 18, and finish it when 20. They are generally 19 during their internship. Some students have already had a previous experience in higher education institutions and are one or two years older.


    • 60% of the students have a technological A-level (STI2D), which implies that they already have a two-year experience in the technological field, (even if overall), along with a thorough theoretical scientific training in mathematics and physics.
    • 30% of the students have a vocational A-level, which implies that they have more vocational skills than theoretical ones. Only the best students in vocational training get to pursue their studies for a HND.
    • 10% of the students have a scientific A-level. They usually have a very good theoretical level thanks to a top scientific training. They discover the technical field when in HND.

    Half of the students are motivated to pursue their studies after the HND (20% in an engineering school to achieve a master’s level, and 30% in a vocational bachelor’s degree to reach a bachelor’s level).

  • 3. Dates, duration and expectations of the internship

    The internship, also called the training period, takes place at the end of the first year, from May, 20th, approximately and is expected to last 6 weeks. For an internship abroad, though, it can last up to 2 months, if that is more beneficial to the student. The internship must be conducted in a field related to electronics or computer science, its main objective being the discovery and experience of work-life and its specific requirements. The student can be entrusted with carrying out tasks of maintenance, configuration, or performing test, in a production unit or after-sales service. Under the supervision of an engineer, the student can also take part in the production process and the development of prototypes in a research consultancy. Part of the internship can be spent observing the different positions in order to understand the job. The intern can receive payment, but there is no obligation on the company to do so.   The company provides the student with a tutor for reference; someone who works in the same department as the student during the internship. At the same time, Jules Ferry High School, will appoint a member of the 1st year HND educational team to act as liaison. The company manager, the principal, and the students will all sign an internship agreement, stating the rights and duties of each and every one, as well as the names of the company tutor and the referring teacher.

  • 4. Knowledge and skills of the students in Digital Systems HND, during the internship

    At the end of the first year, the students in Digital Systems option electronics and communication HND class:

    • Know the vocabulary related to analog and digital electronics, both in French and English.
    • Know the common logical and analog electronic components.
    • Can read and process the English datasheet of an integrated circuit or a hybrid module.
    • Can use laboratory measuring instruments: multimeters, oscilloscopes  (temporal mode or FFT), acquisition cards, and to some extent spectrum analyzers.
    • Know common transmission standards (RS232, RS422, …) and can use an oscilloscope as a frame decoder
    • Know the basis of C programming. 
    • Can use diagram entry software, logical and analog simulation software, and integrated circuit routing software.
    • Have some knowledge about signals (temporal and frequency representation) and filtering.
    • Have experimented with visual programming software (Labview)
    • Have carried out several mini projects over their first year (manufacturing and testing an electronic card)

  • 5. Selection and preparation of the students for an internship abroad

    The first year HND students who wish to do an internship abroad, will be selected by the electronics, physics and English teachers, based on the following criteria:

    • Motivation
    • Level of communication in English (B1 minimum, B2 preferably)
    • Autonomy
    • Level of skills achieved in the applied technical field
    • Level of theoretical skills  (if the tasks involved, require it)


    The high school will organize extra training in English (approximately 30 hours) for the students doing an internship abroad.

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