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Jules in the United States

Our school trip to Washington DC and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, District of Virginia, USA


Fifteen sophomore and junior students from Jules Ferry High School in Cannes visited Washington DC from April 15 to April 21, as part of the partnership established with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, in Alexandria, District of Virginia, USA.

Our students were hosted by their American correspondents’ families and had the chance to immerse themselves in the daily life of an American family and to enrich their understanding of local culture and customs.





















Sunday, April 15 ( day of our arrival) and Monday, April 16 ( day of a professional training for our American counterparts and therefore a day without classes) :

The Jules Ferry students had the opportunity to bond with their hosting families, get in touch with the American way of living and discover Washington DC.

Tuesday, April 17 and Friday, April 20 :

Our students were able to get to know the American educational system by attending various courses (such as French as a foreign language, English, Mathematics, Physics, Quantum Mechanics etc), not only as simple observers, but also as active participants in the learning process by, for instance, reflecting on the cultural differences between the two countries, by recording audio files for future French language tests and interviewing the American students on important current issues, such as gun control.

Moreover, our students had the opportunity to follow their correspondents during their extra-curricular activities, to attend (American) football and NBA games, to participate in various volunteering activities at the District’s museums and primary schools. Volunteering is an important part of the life of the American students willing to attend one of the prestigious Ivy League Colleges.

Finally, on Friday, April 20, the French students had the chance to participate in a MUN (Model United Nations) conference held at Thomas Jefferson High School, along with other high school students from nearby schools. MUN is a simulation of the UN work sessions and it is held annually at TJ. During the MUN workshops, participants act like real UN delegates partaking in sessions of various committes and debating on complex international issues.












Wednesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 19 :

The Jules Ferry students and their chaperons went to Washington DC., where we enjoyed a guided tour of the Capitol, we visited the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, the Smithsonian National History museum and other historical sites such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson memorial. We also took pictures in front of the White House, we took a stroll at the Mall  and along the banks of the Potomac and we took some time to have lunch at the nearby park.

This trip has been an enriching and meaningful experience for our students. We hope that they were able to build strong and lasting relationships with their peers during their stay. We also hope that this experience will remain in their minds forever.


The organizing teachers, Mrs Argyro Levy Bencheton and Mr Gilles Damianthe

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